We offer a design service where clients commit and instruct us on a stage by stage basis for a fixed and capped fee. This is not the same as engaging a designer to take a project from inception to completion for fees based on a percentage of build costs. We can undertake all the stages required but your commitment at any time during the process would only be for the stage instructed. For projects with construction costs in excess of £1m we would suggest a different approach and this would require further discussion.

As a Client you can decide what level of service you need which may depend on a number of factors, including complexity of the design, procurement route (self-managed, partially self-managed with a main builder or a fixed price contract with a main contractor), personal circumstances, etc.

Each project and client has it’s own unique set of circumstances. It’s important that we discuss your individual requirements so we can understand what you need from a designer. We will always try and make the service and fees work where possible so we can be involved as much as possible without compromising the project. The principle stages we typically undertake are described below:


STAGE 1.1 - Preparation of Conceptual Design Options.

We share the design risk during this stage and will prepare outline options until we agree a design approach and are ready to develop a chosen design. This commitment to our clients means that an alternative designer is never required.

STAGE 1.2 - Development of the Chosen Design.

The agreed design approach is developed with further detailed options considered. Once the required elements of the design is agreed it can be prepared and submissions made for Local Authority approvals.


STAGE 2.1 - General Arrangement and Tender Information.

These drawings and documents contain all information required, when combined with information prepared by other members of the design/delivery team to obtain a price for the works and meet the requirements of the Building Regulations allowing the constructing to be commenced.

STAGE 2.2 - Assembly and Architectural Detailing

These drawings confirm more detailed information including 1:5 and 1:10 scale architectural details of important material interfaces and junctions. These details will be prepared to reflect product choices and fully coordinated with the Design Team and Specialist Sub-Contractors and Supplier's where possible.


There are a number of ways we can be involved in this stage and support you in the delivery of the design on site. We would advise that this is discussed once the design is known (STAGE 1) and we can provide you with the right level of service to suit your needs.


We offer a full on-site self build project management service for projects within circa 75 mile radius of BH1. We also offer an assisted self build project management service which can allow you to manage your own self build. This role can include assisting the procurement of specialist items, cost planning, programming and advising generally through the construction phase.

We have strong links to supply partners from which ALL clients benefit when they reach the stage of selecting products and engaging the services of other service providers. We share the experiences of other self builders in order to make meaningful introductions to give you a strong starting point for your product selections and obtaining quotations.


  • We are a small group of energetic and enthusiastic people offering a personal design service, exclusively to homeowners and self builders.

  •  We share the design risk with you in the early stages, essentially meaning you will not need to use another designer.

  •  Our service is offered on a stage by stage basis, meaning you can select our involvement as we move through the process and you begin to understand more about how you want your project to progress.

  •  We have a diverse portfolio in terms of architectural style with an appreciation of our clients preferences. We are here to design for you as opposed to pushing our own preferences.

  • Since 2011 we have secured 320 planning approvals, 15 refusals (5 of which went on to secure consents for amended schemes and 8 were subsequently won on appeal). 3 clients aborted the project (all were high risk ventures and were dependent on securing a consent).

  • We have worked with 104 Local Planning Authorities covering 36 Counties across the UK, including projects in Wales and Scotland.

  • A high percentage of our consents have been in green belt, conservation and special character areas. We have also successfully secured planning consent for a paragraph 55 (now 79) development.

  • We have strong links with companies supplying products and services to self builders, allowing you to benefit from these relationships and the experiences of our previous clients.

  • Our project management services add to our overall experience with the delivery of construction which all clients and projects benefit from.

Next Steps

I hope all of the above makes sense and provides you with an initial indication of how we work, and what we can offer. If you would like to take your enquiry further then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch using our project enquiry form or call us on 1202 208331.