Full Project Management for existing clients in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset.

Shell Only Project Management for existing clients that are happy to manage the internal fit out themselves.

Remote Project Management for existing clients that want to manage their own project but need support and assistance to plan, manage and coordinate their self build project.

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Since working alongside self-builders and homeowners over the last decade we have grown increasingly frustrated at how self build and domestic projects are delivered during the construction phase. We all hear the horror stories and our expectations are generally set very low for how building works will proceed, including the preconception that most projects will go over budget and take much longer than expected. Although its not always the case it does seem that projects are unsuccessfully delivered more often than not. Unfortunately it’s a fact that employing a contractor or builder on a fixed price basis will always at some point lead to a conflict of interest where a client wants to achieve the best quality of finish for a fair and competitive price, whereas the contractor/builder wants to maximise profit by reducing the cost of the works at the expense of quality or by charging for hidden extras. In summary, current procurement options for self build and domestic projects lack flexibility and cost transparency. The current adopted design, tender and contract procedures are overly complicated. I addition, the loss of continuity between the design and delivery team result in a reduction of the design intent in the delivery phase.


In response to the we have created an alternative delivery route which extends our architectural service to include a professional self build project management service that replaces the main contractor/general builder. Our service provides clients with the opportunity for us to deliver the works on their behalf with full cost transparency. The service can be for just the finished shell (where the client taken on the management of the internal fit out, or it can be for the full project.

Our fees for this service is based on a percentage of the build costs. The percentage for the management fee is typically significantly less than a contractor/builders profit, overheads and mark up. The build costs are covered directly by the client at cost price with building materials with full trade discount.


  1. COST CERTAINTY: Preparation of a full cost plan allowing for cost engineering and amendments to the design and specification before works commence. This includes obtaining real prices from building suppliers and trade contractors.

  2. FULL CONTROL: The client retains full control of the project throughout the construction phase, with all changes and additional work delivered at cost price with no excessive mark ups.

  3. COMPLETE COST TRANSPARENCY: The client sees all purchase invoices made for all materials and labour expenditure for the entire project. A purchase ledger is recorded digitally online throughout the construction phase.

  4. PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE PREPARATION AND RISK MANAGEMENT: We advise and assist in the execution of pre-construction phase preparation to ensure that all the necessary insurances, warranties, health and safety procedures, surveys and investigations are in place prior to commencement.

  5. COST AND PROGRAMME REPORTING: We review and report on the cost plan, expenditure and predicted costs as work proceeds. This is available digitally online throughout the construction phase and periodic reviews are executed with the client which enables decisions to me made with confidence as work proceeds.

  6. CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Each work package is subject to a separate materials and workmanship specification which forms part of a sub-contract with the relevant trade contractor. This provides protection against poor workmanship and secures a fair and reasonable payment release plan.

  7. PROFESSIONAL MONITORING AND SUPERVISION: We manage the site on the clients behalf and inspect the work of all trade contractors to ensure execution in accordance with the required standards.

  8. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT AND CONTINUITY: There are significant benefits to the full involvement of the design team during the construction phase, including the ability to incorporate enhancements to the works in order to elevate the design and maximise the delivery of architectural quality. Ongoing independent advice is available throughout provided in a manner that is well alignment with the client interests.

  9. COMPETITIVE PRICES: We facilitate a trade account for clients with a national build supplier that provides then with full trade discount all all items purchased. The terms of the account are generated from the purchase history of previous expenditure on all of our projects.

  10. VETTED POOL OF TRIED AND TESTED SUPPLIERS AND TRADES: We have access to suppliers and trade contractors that have been used on previous projects. These are only ever put forward where previous clients have had positive experiences of their products and work.

The points raised below highlight the challenges that self-builders face (as we see it) and provide an understanding of why we’ve set up a project management service aiming to overcome the problems and to help deliver projects in a controllable, transparent, cost effective manner whilst achieving the best possible quality.


  1. Clients typically place a restriction the design teams scope in order to free up funds to spend in the construction phase, leading to lack of available information for inclusion in the tender.

  2. Tender documents generally not detailed enough to enable builders and contractors to accurately price the works with confidence which can result in an overly cautious approach. Alternatively it can present an opportunity to submit an low price to secure the work relying on charging for extras that were not detailed in the tender documents.

  3. Builders and contractors seldom price a building project in enough detail for the real cost of the works to be understood. Often a per m2 rate is used with excessive contingencies resulting in artificially inflated tender prices which also lack a detailed cost breakdown.

  4. Clients relying on completed project build rates can mean a misalignment of the true cost of building works without a full understanding of the self-builders level of involvement.

  5. Formal tender procedures are seldom followed making like for like comparisons difficult to judge.

  6. The design teams scope of service rarely extends into the construction phase. This results in a restriction of ongoing independent professional advice during the works leading to loss of design continuity.

  7. The use of standard building contracts is increasingly abandoned due to a lack of flexibility for clients wanting to procure specialist packages or purchase materials and products direct in order to avoid excessive mark ups.

  8. Most Self Build projects go significantly over budget and take significantly longer than planned.

  9. Generally the formal procedures used in the construction industry are overly complicated when applied to a self-build project for a single domestic dwelling or a homeowner extension.

  10. Most self-builders do not have the appropriate experience to undertake a construction project. Often they are unable to monitor and supervise works completed by trade contractors who have the opportunity to deliver poor workmanship undetected.


  1. Provide a clear, transparent and simple procurement process that enables confident decision making securing the delivery of cost effective construction that represents good value for money.

  2. Deliver professional project management service to replace the main contractor/general builder’s profit, mark up and overheads in order to achieve a competitive delivery solution.

  3. Provide design continuity for projects by allowing the full involvement of the design team from initial design to completion and occupation.

  4. Provide cost certainty by providing additional tender information and executing thorough cost planning prior to commencement of the works.

  5. Ensure early Identification of key risks and considerations to clients and assist in effective management wherever possible.

  6. Provide ongoing design advice during the construction phase, allowing effective cost engineering and enabling the project team to elevate the quality of the end product.

  7. Ensure execution of a comprehensive cost plan prior to commencement of the construction phase to secure cost certainty.

  8. Enhance the architectural package to include additional information allowing accurate costing without the need to incorporate excessive contingencies to cover unknown costs and risks.

  9. Promote good standards of Health and Safety on site whilst protecting the clients interest from poor quality, defective construction and professional negligence.

  10. Where possible promote an environmentally friendly construction site.